Horrible Blogger

I’m sorryyyy!! I haven’t posted in two months! Since May! Also, yes I realized that I deleted all of that drama crap on my page because.. I don’t know . Fresh start I guess?

Well, it’s summer. No school, I get to walk around in shorts and tanks all summer. How much more fun could it get? Also, here in Washington our weather has been GENEROUS, very very sunny! The question you’re probably asking issss ; Megan, who’s your new summer fling? Or maybe not but that’s the question I’d assume you’re asking from all the posts you used to read from me. Meanwhile, I am over my ex, good thing because I almost got back with him. I started talking to an old guy friend from three years ago and now we like eachother so I guess he’s not exactly a friend. Let’s call him “A”? Deal? — Ok. So me and “A” have been talking for about two and a half months now. I reeeaaaallllyyy like him and the feelings are mutual. He’s a virgo and I’m a taurus and online I read that those two are a heavenly match and that if you find one you have a connection with, stay with them and don’t let them go! Which I’m not planning on doing. But yeah, I don’t wanna start posting all about boys because sometimes it turns out to make me seem like the dramatic type and I really am not .

Here’s just a little catching up. I tried out for dance team for my freshman year (next school year– WOO!) And I made the teamm!!! I was sooo happy and I’m still super excited. Next year please come fast ❤




Rant #1 (Ex’s & Bullies)

Sorry that I haven’t posted literally since like January. (Bad Blogger) 

But ; I’m gonna rant about my ex. Okay, so lately I have had people telling me he is talking crap about me, and it really is getting on my nerves and pissing me off. So, if he still has no life other than reading MY BLOG and feeding off of my life then he’ll know to back the heck off.

First of all, get your facts straight kid, when did I last say I liked you? JANUARY. Do I still? HELL FREAKING NO. So, please stop telling people that I like you, whether you’re saying “I’m in love with you” or just that I like you, seriously? Knock that shit off , get over yourself I DON’T. 

Second of all, I don;t post ‘long posts’ about you. Again, not since we broke up (JANUARY) REALITY CHECK ; It is now MAY, and I do not fucking like you like that, or care about you, enough to post long things about you. I’m only posting this because I’m sick of you talking SHIT to OTHER PEOPLE about ME. You do notice I am on Facebook  and go to your school, if you have a problem you could talk to me about it. 

Get over yourself. i do not like you. I do not post about liking you. You have a girlfriend, me and her are cool. Obvioulsly, you like MAKING FUN OF ME, and my fucking blog to other people. 

Do you notice that’s why people become depressed? Because of people like you making fun of other people, even if it’s just about a fucking blog? That’s called bullying. and it is NOT cool.

So, back off., stop talking about me. & are you really that scared to tell me all the stuff? god damn. Effff you.